Here’s the History…..

Images added include some of my earliest work as well as some more recent images. I’m sure you will be able to spot these!

As you may have read on my website, I created Amanda Steed Makeup around 15 years ago. I was pregnant with Aaron my eldest Son at the time, I was working full time as a sports coach and a Nursery Teacher at Taverham Hall.

Having taken my maternity leave I realised that it was an ideal opportunity to explore some of my other passions. Makeup has always been something I loved to play around with, but I was also a creative, loved doodling, painting and making things. So I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to go, or what I really wanted to do. But I knew I wanted to do something creative and to do build my own business. I’m

So when I found Sam Chapman’s advert for budding makeup artists, I thought why not?

What I learnt from Sam was invaluable, not only how to apply makeup and the processes it takes, but I learnt about passion, and how to grow a business that you truly are invested in. To create something you are proud of and which can grow with you as your improve your skills and your knowledge.

I started off very small, using my maternity leave money to help advertise my new venture, I started a website for free on vista print and gradually learnt how to market myself and my new found skills. I exhibited at wedding shows and Bridal evenings. To be brutally honest I hated doing wedding shows!

Although I am outgoing and have been a teacher since I was in my mid 20’s I lacked confidence in selling myself as a makeup artist. I hated approaching Brides, asking the same questions, ‘when is your wedding? Have you booked your makeup artist?’ It just made me cringe! So I decided that if I hated that so much then I needed to find a way to get my name out there in a way that I found comfortable.

Word of mouth and recommendations was my way forward, building a website which was easy to navigate, and which looked good, and setting up photo shoots so I could get some styled images.

Over the last few years I have done less shoots, we have been so busy with the fall out from the pandemic, although 2020 was a complete disaster as far as the wedding industry was concerned 2021 turned out to be crazy! Fitting in all the weddings we had booked in plus those moved from 2020! I most definitely went a bit greyer!!

Running your own business, being a mum to 2 gorgeous boys, one who is currently in his GCSE years doing very well and one who struggles academically, has ADHD and never sleeps can be challenging. In a climate where everything is getting more expensive for everyone!

But my passion for my business has never changed. I love what I do! I’m never tired of meeting new Brides, listening to their wedding ideas and helping them to style their look. I don’t think I will ever tire of it. I may one day be too old to be the go to Makeup artist on the County but I hope that is a long way off!

Where are we now and where do I hope my business will go…

On average I say we do between 70-90 weddings a year. That’s a comfortable number for us as a small business. We can offer a bespoke package to all our Brides and get to know each one. I have a small team of stylists who work for me on a freelance basis, hair dressers and makeup artists who either work for themselves in a salon or who are sole traders like myself. They have a wealth of experience and knowledge of Bridal hair and makeup. So I can vouch that you are in safe hands on your wedding day.

I hope you have enjoyed reading a little bit of history, I’m sure over time I will write some more about some of the stories I fondly chat to Brides about.

I look forward to meeting you.

with very best wishes