Lashes can be an essential part of looking your best on your big day. I’m often asked what are the best lashes to have for your wedding day. Questions I am frequently asked include; Do semi-permanent lashes ruin your own natural lashes? Will strip lashes suddenly peel off half way through the ceremony? Do natural looking strip lashes exist?

So here I have a few tips for my Brides of 2022:

Semi permanent eyelash extensions are a great way of enhancing you natural lash. You have the choice to have them looking more natural or really full for the WOW! Factor. Find a really good lash technician. Read their reviews and ask about, there are so many out there but if I’m honest if you go for cheap you will get cheap and these lashes can damage your own.

A well trained technician will use high quality volume lashes which are light enabling them to put 5/9 lashes on each of your own lashes and a high intensity glue which they use a very small amount of. These, as long as you let them grow out naturally without pulling or twisting then will not damage your own lashes.

Strip or individual cluster lashes, these are placed on top of your natural lash after you have applied your make up with a PVA glue. They will last 24 hours if you leave them alone and come off when you take your make up off. The glue that is now regularly used is pretty good, however I would always get a professional stronger glue, DUO eyelash glue is great, it comes in white which goes clear and brown which I use. It’s strong enough to give you the confidence that your lashes will not ping off throughout the day! Eyelure do lots of different styles, try them out before your wedding, see which ones suit you best. Remember you can cut them, everyone has different shaped eyes, put them on before you put the glue on to gauge how much you need to cut off.

Lash perm or LV lashes. This is a special treatment done by professional therapist to give your own natural lash a curl which will last up to 4 weeks.

Your lash will have a solution applied then stuck up onto a pad, the solution used is similar to hair perming products and is very strong, so make sure you go to a specialist as if not done properly can damage you lashes.

Although your lashes are not any longer this treatment give the impression of longer fuller lashes.

Finally as growth serum. Revitalash is a serum you paint on your lash base every day to increase lash growth. It was discovered at a time scientist were finding treatments for glaucoma, the treatments side effects were excess lash growth. This has become a very popular treatment, each vial costs about £50 and will last 4-6 weeks and it takes 4-8 weeks for lashes to grow. However the down side to this treatment is, once you stop using it your lashes will revert back to their normal state.

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